Flagship Clinic Program

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The Mission

Our mission is to empower Physical Therapists to lead a new type of wellness clinic designed around enhancing patients’ long-term well being. Therapydia clinics offer rehabilitation, preventative care and long term wellness programs in a warm, welcoming and comfortable environment.

We are creating the wellness clinics of the future - designed to inspire you, rejuvenate you and help you reach your goals.

Flagship_people_icons 70% of healthcare costs are caused by preventable illnesses. Center for Disease Control and Prevention

PTs are highly motivated, highly trained and uniquely positioned to be the primary wellness providers of the future. - Ben Dehan, CEO

The fact that I can do all the wellness programs I want and then some has really been exciting.

– Sydney James PT, MS, OCS, Clinic Director of TherapydiaSF

"Therapydia is a great new PT practice in SF. Sydney is one of the best in the city and very effective."

– James Wagstaff, Patient

Our Clinics

Therapydia is a national network that combines the largest online PT community with innovative flagship clinics. Our clinics feature modern interior design, state of the art equipment and proprietary referral management and marketing software.

From when the patient walks in the door, they will be welcomed by Therapydia’s spacious sunlit environment. They’ll discover an experience centered around them with one-on-one personalized care. And they’ll discover more than just physical therapy; our clinics offer a range of customized wellness programs, including Pilates, TRX and RunRx.


The Flagship Program

Therapydia is opening a handful of flagship clinics across the country, and we are looking for the very best PTs to lead them. The flagship program offers PTs with ambition and an entrepreneurial spirit a safer way to lead their own clinics, gain autonomy over their practice and provide higher quality personalized care… all with the support of Therapydia.

We encourage PTs to cultivate their passions, whether they be nutrition, dance or CrossFit, and integrate them into their physical therapy practices. Therapydia provides above market compensation and handles the administrative work so that PTs can focus on what they do best, treating patients.


Who We're Looking For

We’re partnering with the best and brightest Physical Therapists nationwide. We’re looking for:

  • PTs that want to be positioned as primary wellness providers.
  • PTs with 5+ years of experience and strong patient & MD relationships.
  • PTs interested in practicing in a modern, comfortable environment with state-of-the art equipment.
  • PTs that put quality of care and patient satisfaction above all else.

We believe PTs should be well compensated for their extensive training and expertise, and we give our PTs the tools they need to be happy, healthy and effective: full benefits, laptops, continuing education reimbursement, and more.