1 out of 2 adults suffer from musculoskeletal pain annually. PTanywhere is devoted to reducing pain, improving function, and preventing injuries.

We emphasize Baseline Screens conducted by highly-trained physical therapists to help organizations benchmark and track a group’s progress over time, while providing innovative tools to help each person improve their performance and prevent injuries, while reaching their goals.

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Here’s How PTanywhere Works

Step 1: Baseline Screens – Virtual or In-Clinic

Screens are made up of 10 simple tests which take 30-45 minutes in total and are conducted virtually. Results are kept confidential and can be access through PTanywhere’s online patient portal.

Step 2: Measure Up

Each participant receives individual test scores (0-10) and a standardized score (0-100) that can be compared to others within the group or nationally. By tracking changes over time, our physical therapists can pinpoint potential injuries before they happen and areas to improve for optimal performance and vitality. The administrator of a group can also track and manage scores at all levels, from an individual to a group level.

Step 3: Personalized Exercise Plans

Our physical therapists use Baseline Screen results to create an exercise plan tailored to each individual. Each individual plan includes a series of engaging, easy to follow videos that can be accessed through PTanywhere.

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