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Our “Lifetime Patient Relationship℠” Model

We want to expand traditional Physical Therapy rehabilitation services to assists our patients with both prevention and performance. At your “Initial PT Evaluation” we will go over your medical history and establish “Plan of Care Visits” for your rehabilitation. Our PT rehabilitation programs culminate with a “Graduation Visit” where we will give you goals to achieve after discharge. Our “Baseline Screens” help healthy individuals identify problems before they become serious, and help you perform up to your full potential.

Lifetime Patient Relationships℠ A New Model for Physical Therapy
Lifetime Patient Relationships℠ A New Model for Physical Therapy

Initial PT Evaluation

Your first visit with a Physical Therapist to evaluate a specific condition is called an “Initial PT Evaluation” or “Eval”.  You can be referred by another Physician or decide to come in on your own or “Self-Refer”.  This is called Direct Access and is allowed in all 50 US states as of 2019, making Physical Therapy a first choice option for musculoskeletal (MSK) health issues!  Before your initial eval, you will be asked to provide your medical history which you will review with your PT during your eval.  You will receive some level of treatment, and be provided with i) a home exercise program and ii) a “plan of care” for future visits including frequency and duration.

Plan of Care Visits

After your Initial PT Eval, you will be given a “Plan of Care” for future visits.  This will typically include a frequency (for example, once or twice per week), and a duration (for example, 8 weeks).  It is extremely important that our patients stick to their Plan of Care.  For convenience, patients are allowed to advance schedule so they can establish regular days and times for their visits.  If a patient’s Plan of Care changes during treatment, they may be assigned a new home exercise program.  A Plan of Care may be shortened or lengthened based on the patient’s progress, and patient’s may be re-evaluated, a “ re-eval”, if there has been a significant change in their condition.  If the plan of care is proceeding as scheduled, your PT will schedule a “Graduation Visit” to discharge you from care with modifications to your home exercise program.

Graduation Visit

Your Graduation Visit is essential to your long-term recovery. At this visit, we will make sure you are prepared to self-manage your continued recovery outside of the PT clinic setting. We will let you know the warning signs associated with your condition. This Check Up can be done virtually or in clinic. At this point, you can also schedule a “Baseline Screen”, to set a baseline score for your musculoskeletal fitness.

Baseline Screens

Therapydia has a unique focus on prevention and performance. Our mission includes attention to your longevity, vitality and happiness.  Baseline Screens are intended for the healthy population, so are appropriate for individuals who do not yet need PT or who have graduated from PT.  Our proprietary software and patient portal, PTanywhere, allows us to establish a baseline score for your musculoskeletal fitness so you can compare your progress over time, and compare yourself across demographics.  We offer a variety of screens so that we can find the one that is the most appropriate for you and your goals.  All Baseline Screens are comprised of standardized 10 tests, scored from 0-10, for a maximum score of 100. Your screen comes with a home exercise program for targeting any tests where your score was not optimal with the goal of improving your score at your next screen.  Subsequent screens can be performed annually or more frequently for athletes or high stress job functions.  For more information about PTanywhere Baseline Screening for employers, schools and other large groups, click “Learn More” below.

Specialty Services

Therapydia Manual Physical Therapy

Baseline Screens

Bike Fit

A patient lays on an exam table while being evaluated by a physical therapist for blood flow restriction therapy

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

Body Composition Testing

Dry Needling

A golfer swings their club

Golf Swing Assessment

Manual Therapy

pelvic pain in men

Men’s Pelvic Health

Pediatric Pelvic Health

Pediatric Physical Therapy

How Physical Therapy Helps Your Child Recover After Injury

Pediatric Pelvic Floor

Understanding Pediatric Torticollis

Pelvic Health

Sports Rehab and Performance

Performance Training

Therapydia Manual Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Concussion Physical Therapy Treatment

Post Concussion

Pre & Post-Partum Physical Therapy

Pre & Post-Partum Physical Therapy


Run Assessment Physical Therapy

Run Assessment

Sports Rehab and Performance Physical Therapy

Sports Rehab and Performance

Telehealth Physical Therapy

tmj physical therapy

TMJ Therapy

vertigo treatment by Therapydia Physical Therapy


Vestibular Therapy

Vestibular Therapy

What is Pelvic Floor Therapy?

Women’s Pelvic Health

Work Injury

Jessica Jones

Physical Therapist

Jessica recently moved to Seattle from Boston, MA and is excited to join the Therapydia team. Her treatment experience includes orthopedics, sports medicine, pediatrics, and vestibular therapy. Jessica received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Northeastern University in Boston, MA in 2016. She has completed the Pediatric Physical Therapy Residency at Boston Children’s Hospital and is in the process of completing a Comprehensive Vestibular Rehabilitation certification. Jessica believes in empowering and inspiring patients to take control of their health through education, movement, and exercise. She enjoys treating patients of all ages and levels while utilizing soft tissue techniques, neuromuscular re-education, balance training as well as therapeutic exercise. In her free time, Jessica enjoys yoga, dancing, kayaking, and hiking with her dog!


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