Why Physical Therapy?

The dedicated physical therapists and wellness professionals at Therapydia want to be your Lifetime Wellness Providers. We can help you discover physical therapy as an essential component of your plan to get well, stay healthy and perform to your fullest potential.

  • Physical Therapists (PTs) have three years of postgraduate training and graduate with Doctorate degrees
  • According to an APTA survey*, 71% of respondents were not aware that a doctor’s prescription is not required to be evaluated by a PT
  • PT evaluations and treatments are covered by most insurance carriers
  • Anyone can see a PT for a variety of wellness-related issues (e.g. balance, ergonomics, posture, strength imbalance, movement analysis and retraining)
  • According to the same APTA survey*, 60% of people did not realize that PTs are the best resource for non-surgical, musculoskeletal issues.
  • Only licensed PTs can practice Physical Therapy

*APTA Survey 10/14

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Physical Therapy for Recovery

Our physical therapy services are uniquely tailored to each patient as they navigate their road to recovery. Whether you’ve recently had surgery or are currently experiencing pain, we can develop a treatment plan for every issue or ailment. We hire the best physical therapists in the country from the top universities, most of whom have completed training in wellness courses. In addition to manual therapy and prescribed exercises, our physical therapists often incorporate various methods such as yoga, Pilates and TRX® to meet your needs and achieve your goals.

Therapydia’s physical therapy and wellness services can address the following conditions:

• Arthritis • Bursitis • Chronic or Acute Pain • Musculoskeletal Pain • Exercise Intervention for Special Populations • Foot and Ankle Pain • Frozen Shoulder • Functional Rehabilitation • Gait Retraining • Hip Pain • Knee Pain • Low Back Pain • Motor Vehicle Injuries • Neck Pain • Osteoporosis • Overuse Injuries • Post-Op Rehabilitation • Shoulder Pain • Sports Injuries • Strains/Sprains • Tendinitis • Work Injury

Annual Assessments for Prevention

Historically, most people who decided to go to PT were referred by their doctors. This is changing rapidly. Patients are learning more about their insurance benefits and the potential of PT as a wellness tool beyond rehab from surgery and relief from chronic pain. As life expectancies increase, many people are focused on the prevention of injury in order to maintain active, productive lifestyles.

We offer a variety of annual assessments to identify important areas to focus on in order to reduce your risk of injury and help us choose the best wellness program to meet your goals. We will track your progress and give you exercises and tools to monitor your performance and improvement over time. We will also notify you if you fall outside of norms for your age group or if you have difficulties meeting your personal goals.

These wellness programs are an optional extension of the traditional physical therapy experience and demonstrate Therapydia’s innovative commitment to patient satisfaction, long-term positive outcomes, and lifetime wellness.


Therapydia’s Ergonomic Assessment caters to anyone who wants to monitor their health and avoid injury. Everyone can benefit from the knowledge of a physical therapist! If the rise in popularity of fitness trackers has taught us anything, it’s that our generation wants to observe their health levels and improve over time. The best way to get started, or enhance your current efforts, is to establish a baseline with an expert in movement – your PT! If you work in an office or manufacturing environment or just want to improve your overall posture to avoid injury, this assessment is for you.

This assessment will help you take stock of your current health and find the best ways to improve on your current routines to live healthier and happier.


Whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, you can benefit from our Performance Assessment. Physical therapists are the experts in structural and functional biomechanics, making your PT the perfect addition to your training team. Your assessment will review what activities/sports you partake in and will help you uncover how to prevent sport-specific injuries to reach your performance goals. Never miss a season due to an untimely injury again.

Based on this annual Performance Assessment, we will work with you to develop a Performance Plan specific to your activities and goals.


Thanks to developments in medicine and technology, people are living longer than ever before. This has also increased the need for education and strategies that enable healthy aging. Our Balance Assessment provides seniors will all the tools they need to track and cultivate their body’s health and wellness.

This assessment focuses on key aspects of daily life that are most important to today’s senior such as proper balance, coordination, safely playing with grandchildren and minimizing joint pain.

Group Pricing

We offer a 15% discount on any of the above assessments for groups of 5 or more. This special pricing is perfect for corporate wellness programs, athletic teams and assisted living homes. For groups, we may also be able to provide on-site services. Please contact us to inquire.

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