Our Mission: Redefining Physical Therapy

Therapydia is empowering Physical Therapists to use their unique expertise to help individuals discover their path to wellness. We are redefining how patients see physical therapy. We want to be an integral part of your wellness team and be the “go-to” resource on your path to longevity and happiness. In order to provide unprecedented levels of patient satisfaction (our average customer satisfaction score is 9.8 out of 10), we need to change the customer experience in physical therapy… and we have!

  • A philosophy of providing Lifetime Wellness
  • Dedication to patient satisfaction
  • Support to achieve your goals without limitations
  • Engagement with our team beyond your treatment period

Our Clinics: Well-Appointed, Well-Staffed, Well-Equipped

Our clinics feature modern interior design and state of the art equipment. When patients walk in the door, they will be welcomed by Therapydia’s spacious sunlit environments. They’ll discover an experience centered around them with one-on-one personalized care. And they’ll discover more than just physical therapy; our clinics offer a range of customized wellness programs, including Pilates, TRX and Yoga. Therapydia is growing nationwide. With our convenient locations, access to high-quality, one-on-one physical therapy is never far away.

  • Longer, 1-on-1 manual treatment sessions with our PTs
  • State-of-the-art clinics that feel like spas
  • On-site wellness programs to help you stay well
  • Annual wellness assessments tailored to your specific needs
  • Periodic re-evaluations and long-term outcome tracking

Our Team: Creating Wellness Clinics of the Future

Therapydia Clinic Directors are expert thought-leaders in their fields and are committed to the highest levels of patient satisfaction and long-term outcomes. We have 9 clinics today and want to bring our philosophy of lifetime wellness to cities across the U.S. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to revolutionize physical therapy, join our team!

  • Provide high-quality, hands-on care
  • Deliver longer 1:1 treatment cycles
  • Exercise your wellness passion

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