Baseline Screens

Baseline Screens:
Set Your Baseline and Beat It Every Year

Just as regular visits to the dentist are important for dental health, annual visits to a physical therapist is important for optimal musculoskeletal health.

At Therapydia, we offer Baseline Screens to help you benchmark your musculoskeletal health. By tracking changes over time, we can pinpoint injuries before they happen and areas to improve for performance vitality.

During your Baseline Screen we will assess your injury risk and evaluate your fitness level. You will receive a score from 0 to 100 based on your performance on 10 standardized tests. You can then compare your score to others in your demographic group or to your own score progress over time.

Groups and Employers

Therapydia offers Baseline Screening for groups and employers through our patient portal, PTanywhere. For More information, contact the VP PTanywhere Program Development

Existing Patients

If you are interested in a Baseline Screen, contact your local Therapydia clinic.

To view your Baseline Screen results, log in to PTanywhere. If you are signing in for the first time, link from your email invite.

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