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About Therapydia 

About Us

Therapydia is a national brand of Physical Therapy clinics emphasizing longer one-on-one treatments and delivering wellness services to help our patients reach their lifetime wellness goals. We strive to create an environment that fosters wellness with clinics that are well-appointed, well-equipped and well-staffed. Therapydia’s Clinic Directors are expert thought-leaders in their fields and are committed to the highest levels of patient satisfaction and long-term outcomes. We are creating the PT clinics of the future – designed to inspire you, rejuvenate you, and help you reach your goals.

Our Mission

Therapydia’s Mission is to create Lifetime Patient Relationships by providing the highest quality of patient care in order to:

Decrease surgeries, primary care visits and opioid usage.

Increase patient vitality, longevity and happiness.

Contribute significantly to net global wellness.

Lifetime Patient Relationships℠

A New Model for Physical Therapy

Therapydia’s mission of creating Lifetime Patient Relationships is enabled by our innovation in providing a timeline of services that keeps our patients engaged during rehab, prevents future injuries, and helps them achieve their performance goals.

Lifetime Patient Relationships℠ A New Model for Physical Therapy
Lifetime Patient Relationships℠ A New Model for Physical Therapy

Choose A Path

Whether you’re having issues with your tissues or want to bulletproof your body, Therapydia offers the highest quality care to help you on your path to wellness. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy can help you choose the path that is right for you. If you have an existing musculoskeletal issue, then traditional physical therapy starting with an intial PT evaluation may be the right path for you. If you are healthy and focussed on prevention and performance, our PTs can provide a Baseline Screen that measures your musculoskeletal aptitude across 10 tests. Following either a PT Evaluations or a Baseline Screens, our PTs provide you with a Home Exercise Program that is customized for you goals. If we believe your specific concerns are outside the scope of physical therapy practice but require medical attention, we’ll refer you to the appropriate health care provider. You can learn more about Initial PT Evaluations and Baseline Screens in our video “how-it-works” section to see which path is right for you.

Physical Therapy: Initial PT Evaluation

For PT patients, your first visit with Therapydia will be with one of our physical therapists. This visit is called your Initial PT evaluation or “PT Eval” for short. Prior to your PT Eval, we’ll collect your personal info for scheduling and your medical history for your physical therapist to review. We will do our best to schedule you with the right PT to address your specific condition. You can either be referred by a medical provider or come directly to one of our clinics as a “self-referral”. Choosing PT first is called “Direct Access” and is allowed in all 50 US states making Physical Therapy THE first choice option for musculoskeletal health issues! During your PT eval, you should expect an explanation and understanding of your physical therapy diagnosis, and prognosis. In addition you may receive some level of treatment. Finally, you’ll be provided with a “Home Exercise Program” and a “Plan of Care” for future visits including frequency and duration.

Physical Therapy: Plan of Care Visits

After your initial PT Eval, you will be given a “Plan of Care” for future physical therapy treatments. Your Plan of Care typically includes a frequency (for example, once or twice per week), and a duration (for example, 8 weeks). It’s extremely important that our patients stick to their Plan of Care. For convenience, patients are allowed to advance schedule so they can establish regular days and times for their visits. Your Plan of Care visits may include, but are not limited to, manual therapy, modalities, therapeutic activities and exercises which are aimed to expedite your rehab process. Your PT will use their clinical reasoning and expertise to progress you each and every visit. As you progress through your Plan of Care, your PT will continue to assess if the frequency and duration of your original Plan of Care needs adjusting to meet your goals appropriately. If a patient’s Plan of Care changes during treatment, they may be assigned a new home exercise program. A Plan of Care may be shortened or lengthened based on the patient’s progress, and patients may be re-evaluated, a “re-eval”, if there has been a significant change in their condition. If the Plan of Care is proceeding as scheduled, your PT will schedule a “Graduation Visit” to discharge you from care, and make the appropriate modifications to your Home Exercise Program.

Physical Therapy: Graduation Visit

Once your goals have been met, we will celebrate that accomplishment with your Therapydia PT Graduation Visit!

Your Graduation Visit is essential to your long-term recovery. At this visit, we will make sure you are prepared to self-manage your continued recovery outside of the PT clinic setting. We will review your progress, make adjustments to your Home Exercise Program and, if special objective testing is needed, we will perform those on this visit. You’ve put in the work, but just like any graduation, this doesn’t mean it’s the end of your journey. It’s just another step on your path to lifetime wellness. We will let you know the warning signs associated with your condition, and we will establish a date for a Monthly Check-in on your progress. These Monthly Remote Therapeutice Monitoring visits can be done virtually or even via phone.

Baseline Screens

At Therapydia, we are proud to offer an exciting new and proprietary service for you called Baseline Screens. Baseline Screens have been designed to cover a variety of performance and prevention goals. Your customized screen is comprised of 10 musculoskeletal tests, each scored from 0-10 for a total potiential score of 100. Our methodology provides an objective overall score that you can compare to other people in your group or demographic, and track over time. Based on your results of your screen, your physical therapist will give you a customized Home Exercise Program to improve your physical performance and reduce your risk for injury. As with our physical therapy patients, Baseline Screen patients can also particia

Home Exercise Programs

Whether you are on a path to recovery with our PT Services, or focussing on prevention and preformance with Baseline Screening, our Doctors of physical therapy will provide you with a customized “Home Exercise Program” or “HEP” to address your limitations and optimize your performance. Your Home Exercise Program may include, but is not limited to, stretching, strengthening, improved motor control, balance, agility, coordination, endurance and skill development. Our proprietary online patient portal, PTanywhere, will allow you easy access to videos, specific instructions, and prescribed sets/reps/or load. You can aslo track your exercise compliance daily and message your PT. Additionally, with Monthly RTM Check-ins (Remote Therapeutic Monitoring), you can communicate with your PT with questions or concerns regarding your HEP in the convenience of your own home or gym!

Monthly RTM Check-ins

As of Jan 1, 2022 there is a new medical benefit called Remote Therapeutic Monitoring, or RTM. RTM allows and encourages an increased level of communication between you and your Physical Therapist. Communication is the key to success with any relationship. In the healthcare setting, more frequent communication can help define expectations, mitigate confusion, and improve efficacy with outcomes. Whether you are being treated for a PT condition or engaged in Baseline Screening, RTM allows Monthly Check-ins with your PT to ensure that your Home Exercise Program is still relevant and challenging, and to answer your questions. Monthly RTM Check-ins can be done either virtually or via phone. Contact us to find out if your insurance plan covers this exciting new benefit!

Primary Wellness Providers℠

Our Physical Therapists are Primary Wellness Providers. We want our patients to think of PTs first when dealing with musculoskeletal issues. PTs are musculoskeletal experts with three years of graduate school education. Since 2015, all Physical Therapists in the US graduate with doctorate degrees, and since 2019, you can see a PT for an evaluation without a physician referral in all 50 states. We want to be your go-to resource for musculoskeletal wellness!

Physical Therapists are
Primary Wellness Providers For Musculoskeletal (MSK) Issues

Why Physical Therapists for Musculoskeletal Health:

  • Physical Therapists (PTs) have three years of postgraduate training and graduate with Doctorate degrees
  • According to an APTA survey, 71% of respondents were not aware that a doctor’s prescription is not required to be evaluated by a PT
  • PT evaluations and treatments are covered by most insurance carriers
  • Anyone can see a PT for a variety of wellness-related issues (e.g. balance, ergonomics, posture, strength imbalance, movement analysis and retraining)
  • According to the same APTA survey, 60% of people did not realize that PTs are the best resource for non-surgical, musculoskeletal issues.
  • Only licensed PTs can practice Physical Therapy

Elevating The Physical Therapy Profession

Our mission is to empower Physical Therapists to lead a new type of physical therapy clinic designed around enhancing every patient’s long-term well-being. Therapydia clinics offer rehabilitation, preventative care and long term wellness programs in a sun-lit, boutique setting.

PTs are highly motivated, highly trained and uniquely positioned to be the Primary Wellness Providers. We are creating clinics of the future – designed to inspire you, rejuvenate you and help you reach your goals.

Net Promoter Score

At Therapydia, we define quality through the eyes of our patients. We pride ourselves on welcoming feedback and continuously optimizing the patient experience. Everyone at the company receives a bonus based on patient satisfaction as defined by both the quantity and score of patient satisfaction surveys. We receive satisfaction surveys from over 40% of our patients and we have averaged over 9.8 out of 10 on those surveys.

We then go one step further and evaluate our “Net Promoter Score” or NPS. This benchmark only gives us credit of “1” if a patient gives us a 9 or a 10 on a satisfaction survey, “0” if a patient give us an 8 and, “-1” if a patient gives us anything below an 8! Then you multiply that fraction by 100. Therapydia currently has a Net Promoter score of 93! That’s significantly higher than Apple (72) or Amazon (68), and is approaching Tesla’s 2019 NPS (96), which is the highest NPS we’ve ever seen. We challenge you to find a healthcare company with a better NPS score!


Satisfaction Surveys


Net Promoter Score


Join the team that’s redefining physical therapy.

If you are passionate about providing an extraordinary level of patient satisfaction and are dedicated to helping your patients achieve their long-term goals, apply today!

Refer to Us

We value our referral sources like gold. We pledge to provide the highest quality of patient care and communication. Our proprietary patient relationship management software, ReferralJET, keeps referral sources in the loop and meticulously tracks your patient’s satisfaction and makes sure that sources receive all patient testimonials.   Most importantly, ReferralJET provides referral sources with aggregate satisfaction and outcomes for all patients they have referred to us over time.   

You can trust us and believe that we are committed to our core values.





Jessica Jones

Physical Therapist

Jessica recently moved to Seattle from Boston, MA and is excited to join the Therapydia team. Her treatment experience includes orthopedics, sports medicine, pediatrics, and vestibular therapy. Jessica received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Northeastern University in Boston, MA in 2016. She has completed the Pediatric Physical Therapy Residency at Boston Children’s Hospital and is in the process of completing a Comprehensive Vestibular Rehabilitation certification. Jessica believes in empowering and inspiring patients to take control of their health through education, movement, and exercise. She enjoys treating patients of all ages and levels while utilizing soft tissue techniques, neuromuscular re-education, balance training as well as therapeutic exercise. In her free time, Jessica enjoys yoga, dancing, kayaking, and hiking with her dog!


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