About Therapydia

Therapydia is a national network of Physical Therapy clinics that emphasize longer one-on-one treatments and delivers wellness services to help our patients reach their lifetime wellness goals. We strive to create an environment that is conducive to wellness with clinics that are well-appointed, well-equipped and well-staffed. Therapydia’s Clinic Directors are expert thought-leaders in their fields and are committed to the highest levels of patient satisfaction and long-term outcomes. Therapydia clinics use ReferralJET, our proprietary patient relationship management software to keep doctors in the loop.

Our Core Values

Therapydia - Trust


We pride ourselves on our honesty & commitment.

  • All our PT employees sign our Pledge to Patients
  • Our technology provides secure, online access
Therapydia - Satisfaction


We are building our company based on patient satisfaction.

  • We are fanatical about patient surveys and testimonials
  • Our clinics have a Net Promoter Score of 95. That’s higher than Apple or Amazon!
  • We compensate our staff based on patient satisfaction
Therapydia - Compassion


We care about long-term outcomes & ongoing wellness.

  • We stay engaged beyond your treatment period
  • Our technology provides continuous support thru our patient portal
  • Our clinics offer ongoing wellness programs
Therapydia - Growth


We believe that growth is essential to well-being.

  • We want our patients to achieve their goals without limitations
  • We strive for a dynamic workplace with abundant opportunities
  • We believe that growth stimulates creativity, energy and fun!

Create a Better Physical Therapy Experience

Our mission is to empower Physical Therapists to lead a new type of wellness clinic designed around enhancing patients’ long-term well-being. Therapydia clinics offer rehabilitation, preventative care and long term wellness programs in a warm, welcoming and comfortable environment.

PTs are highly motivated, highly trained and uniquely positioned to be the primary wellness providers of the future. We are creating the wellness clinics of the future – designed to inspire you, rejuvenate you and help you reach your goals.

Our Physical Therapists

Each year, we invite our Clinic Directors from across the nation to Therapydia’s Clinic Directors Summit to share patient success stories, discuss the future of physical therapy and wellness, and most of all, have fun developing relationships with the rest of our team. Hear from our fantastic physical therapists about what “physical therapy discovered” means to them.

Our Locations

Our clinics feature modern interior design, state-of-the-art equipment and proprietary referral management and marketing software. When patients walk in the door, they will be welcomed by Therapydia’s spacious sunlit environments. They’ll discover an experience centered around them with one-on-one personalized care. And they’ll discover more than just physical therapy; our clinics offer a range of customized wellness programs, including Pilates, TRX, Run and Golf Swing Analysis. Therapydia is growing nationwide. With our convenient locations, access to high-quality, one-on-one physical therapy is never far away.

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