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Whether you’re looking to recover from an injury, improve your athletic performance, or just make sure your mechanics are performing at the optimal level, we’re here to help you along your path to lifetime wellness.

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  • ballard physical therapist kelsey dehmer

    Kelsey Dehmer, PT, DPT, OCS

    Clinic Director

    Kelsey earned a degree in Human Physiology at Gonzaga University followed by her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Regis University, which is known for its strong manual therapy training. She is board certified in orthopedics, earning the title OCS (Orthopedic Certified Specialist). She also has advanced training in Manual Therapy through NAIOMT, Pelvic Floor Rehab through the Herman and Wallace Institute, along with certification in the Graston Technique. As a physical therapist, she feels that the whole person should be considered when finding the best treatment path by utilizing a combination of evidence-based research, patient preference, and her own personal experience with sports and rehabilitation.

    When it comes to treating pelvic floor dysfunction, she finds that there are many layers to any given issue that must be looked, whether it’s diet, posture and mechanics of daily activities and childcare, anxiety/stress management, etc. Weakness is not always the culprit when it comes to pelvic floor dysfunction, we must examine the pelvic floor as one might examine an elbow joint, does it move well, do the muscles contract well, are there muscles that are tight around it, can it go through its full motion on command by the patient and can it relax. Often teaching a patient how to utilize the pelvic floor again was all they needed, kegels are not always the answer!

    With the best knowledge of both the orthopedic and the pelvic floor worlds, her favorite patients are those with any type of athletic goal, specializing in returning postpartum women back to running and fitness safely, as well as hip impingement and labral tears, injury prevention in young athletes, chronic pain with hypermobility, and post-operative rehab.

    Outside of her work she enjoys running at Golden Gardens, hiking in the mountains, playing sports, and exploring all the new restaurants and breweries in town.

  • Lisa Cook PT, DPT

    Physical Therapist

    A Northwest local, Lisa grew up in Olympia, WA. Despite playing many sports growing up, Lisa had her first experience with PT when she took a sports medicine class from a physical therapist in high school. She received a BA in Anthropology from University of Washington in Seattle, and received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA. 

    Lisa believes that it is important to take a holistic approach to treatment and utilizes manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, patient preference, education, and activity modification to help her patients return to optimal performance levels. Lisa has extensive experience working with skiers, runners, and weekend warriors, and treating conditions such as shoulder, hip, knee, and back pain, sports injuries, and pre- and post-operative rehab. Lisa is studying for the Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS) exam and has started the Mulligan Technique courses. 

    Outside of the clinic, Lisa enjoys skiing, running, hiking, doing yoga, playing with her dog, and spending time with friends and family.

  • ballard office manager henna


    Office Manager

    A Colorado transplant, Henna joined the ranks of the PNW in 2013. Her passion for mental health and quality patient care led her to complete a degree in psychology, with a desire to grow in the field of natural healthcare. Having a personal background in completing physical therapy herself has provided Henna with unique insight into the patient experience, fostering a greater level of understanding and connection. When not in the office, Henna enjoys exploring towns in the Puget Sound, going to dance class and trying out new local coffee shops.


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    Monica Sarratt

    June 28, 2021
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     Very good experience. Lisa got me back on track, I’m looking forward to a full recovery! Thank you!  


    June 24, 2021
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    June 17, 2021

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