Getting physical therapy can make the road to recovery so much easier. At Therapydia, we make your journey on that road as smooth as possible. Our team takes a long-term view of everything they do. It’s not enough to simply feel better for the moment; we want to put you on a path toward a healthier version of yourself. We’ll help you get there without the use of expensive surgeries or medications that may not work in the long run. For physical therapy in Saratoga, Therapydia stands ready—and not just to help you recover but to also become better than ever before.

Goal-Oriented Physical Therapy

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or simply training your body to reach new heights, goals are an important part of the process. Setting achievable goals is how we can see your progression over time. When you opt in for physical therapy in Saratoga with Therapydia, we’ll make a plan from day one with reasonable goals that you can reach in a timely manner. Every one of our patients’ plans is unique to each individual situation. When it comes to physical therapy, there is no “one size fits all” solution.

Lifetime Patient Relationships

Here at Therapydia, our physical therapists take a more invested approach with each patient they see. We aim to create lifetime patient relationships that grow and change over time. As your goals and aspirations change, we want to be there to assist you in reaching every one of them. Staying flexible and adapting to your needs are what we do best. Our physical therapy approach isn’t just about getting you through recovery; it’s also about helping you prevent injuries or roadblocks in the future as well as creating new performance goals that you can realistically reach.

If you’re ready to take control of your physical wellbeing, we’re ready to be there by your side for the whole process. For support and physical therapy that will keep you going and help you tackle the future, put your trust in Therapydia.

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Our Team

  • Robert Lucente, PT, DPT, OCS, COMT Clinic Director

    Robert Lucente, PT, DPT, OCS, COMT

    Clinic Director

    Robert earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Combined Sciences from Santa Clara University (SCU) in 2005. While attending SCU he worked as a student athletic trainer in the sports medicine department where he gained his first exposure to rehabilitating orthopedic and sport injuries. This experience inspired him to pursue a career in physical therapy so he could expand his rehabilitation skills beyond athletics to the whole community.

    In 2008 Robert graduated from Mount St Mary’s College with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. In 2013 Robert became board certified as an Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS). He has advanced training in manual therapy and in 2016 became a Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT) through the Maitland Australian Physiotherapy Group. Robert has an extensive background in sports therapy as he was lead physical therapist for Santa Clara University Sports Medicine Department for nearly 10 years.

    Robert’s motto; the difference between a good physical therapist and a great one is an individuals ability to connect with their patients. Robert takes pride in creating an atmosphere where you feel listened to, acknowledged and treated like family.

    Since family deserves the best, Robert is constantly reading the latest research and taking numerous continuing education classes to ensure his skill set remains elite and groundbreaking. In his spare time, Robert is a family man, soaking in as much time with his wife Karen and their two children Aria and Weston.

  • Courtney Sullivan, PT, DPT, MTC, OCS Physical Therapist

    Courtney Sullivan, PT, DPT, MTC, OCS

    Physical Therapist

    Courtney graduated from the University of California, Davis, in 2008 where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Biology. She graduated from the University of Saint Augustine for Health Sciences in 2013 with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Courtney is passionate about helping people achieve their movement goals, from seemingly straightforward tasks such as standing or walking, to more complex movements required for high level athletics. Her background of competitive gymnastics and cheerleading has allowed her to understand dedication and teamwork. She has experience in pediatrics (specializing in neurological and developmental cases), orthopedics, geriatrics, and working with all ages and ability levels. She is interested in women’s health, and currently pursuing continuing education for Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization through the Prague Institute. Courtney earned her Manual Therapy Certification through the University of St. Augustine, and she is an Orthopedic Certified Specialist through the American Physical Therapy Association. A Bay Area native, Courtney enjoys being active outdoors and spending time with her family (preferably at the beach or cooking in the kitchen). She maintains her wellness through weight lifting, running, yoga, and gratitude.

  • Christina Cherng, PT, DPT Physical Therapist

    Christina Cherng, PT, DPT

    Physical Therapist

    Christina graduated from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she earned her Bachelors of Arts in Japanese. She then relocated to Japan, where she taught English for a time before returning to pursue higher education in physical therapy. She was inspired to pursue a career in healthcare by the many health-related challenges her grandfather experienced. She earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from from California State University (CSU) of Sacramento, where she focused on early-intervention and rehabilitation for the pediatric population. After graduating, she returned to the South Bay area to practice. She has experience in pediatric early-intervention and rehabilitation, aquatic therapy, and has treated individuals with a wide variety of orthopedic conditions. Her familiarity in communicating with individuals of varying cultural backgrounds allows her to connect with her patients.

    In her spare time, Christina enjoys cooking, baking, and spending time with her friends and family. In addition to English, she also speaks Mandarin and Japanese fluently.

  • Jason Hsieh, DPT

    Jason Hsieh, DPT

    Physical Therapist

    Jason believes that human beings are natural athletes, and our bodies are made to move. He enjoys learning about different individuals and how they move, and educating them to not simply perform activities, but to perform them well. He is a big believer in collaboration, and that he and his patients work as a team in every course of prevention and rehabilitation, with a large emphasis on communication and education on both ends to achieve success. Jason seeks to deliver personalized and effective care to each unique individual, and to make your experience in physical therapy enjoyable and meaningful.

    Professional Licensure and Certification:
    Licensed Physical Therapist, California Basic Life Support & CPR

    Doctorate of Physical Therapy, MGH Institute of Health Professions Bachelor of Arts in Social Ecology, University of California Irvine

  • Celeste Kim, PT, DPT

    Celeste Kim, PT, DPT

    Physical Therapist

    Celeste is a physical therapist with a passion for empowering her patients through movement. She received her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Chapman University, and has a wide range of experience working with orthopedic, pelvic health, geriatric, and neurological conditions. While she enjoys working with general orthopedic conditions, she also has a strong interest in treating vestibular disorders. She is certified in vestibular and concussion management, and her mission is to provide rehabilitative services to this underserved and frequently mismanaged population. She also recognizes that pain is complex and should be treated as such, so her sessions involve addressing musculoskeletal impairments in addition to identifying lifestyle/behavioral components that may be contributing to your condition. She enjoys challenging her patients and feels the most accomplished as a PT when her patients say “I didn’t think I could do that!” When she is not hard at work, she enjoys practicing yoga, lifting weights, bouldering, snuggling her dogs, and watching live music!

  • Kenneth Banting, DPT

    Kenneth Banting, DPT

    Physical Therapist

    Ken completed his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology and Doctor of Physical Therapy with Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI in 2018. In his collegiate years, he presented and published studies in applied sciences with breast cancer survivors, and persons with Multiple Sclerosis. He participates in and has led numerous volunteer groups focused on service with adaptive athletes, underserved communities and persons with disabilities. Since graduating, he has served as an outpatient physical therapy provider in South Bay for the diverse community of Silicon Valley.

    Beyond his professional achievements and clinical experience, he is proud that his approach with physical therapy has a lot of heart. He believes that the opportunity to render PT as a service is dependent on a single factor best worded by Teddy Roosevelt: “No one cares how much I know, until they know how much I care.” Ken believes that the fastest way to recovery is through (pro)active participation in one’s health. He has a pragmatic evidence-based approach with his individualized rehabilitation programs. His professional interests are in sports-related injuries, muscle strain recovery, chronic pain, and post-operative cases. Ken was born in the Philippines and raised in Illinois. He is trilingual in Tagalog, English, and professional Spanish. In his free time, you can catch him surfing in Santa Cruz, hiking coastal trails, learning new languages, and cooking. 

  • Aaron Garcia Office Manager

    Aaron Garcia

    Office Manager

    Bio coming soon.

  • Tor-Elias Johnson, Office Coordinator

    Tor-Elias Johnson

    Office Coordinator

    Bio coming soon.


Physical Therapy

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Am I Covered?

At Therapydia, we offer a personalized, one-on-one treatment philosophy with physical therapists who will keep your long-term wellness at the forefront of their minds throughout your entire recovery. The boutique environment at our clinic offers a casual and comfortable setting for you to reach your unique goals, whatever they may be—improving mobility, reducing pain, restoring function, or preventing injury.

California is a Direct Access State, meaning you are not required to see a physician prior to seeing a physical therapist for an examination and treatment. This means you can save time and money and get immediate treatment by seeing a physical therapist first.

It’s important not to feel limited when it comes to finding the right physical therapy clinic for your treatment. We know that many roadblocks exist when it comes to choosing the right physical therapist, insurance benefits that are difficult to understand being one of them. At Therapydia, we’ll happily help you to understand your coverage before you begin treatment so that there are no surprises. For those who don’t have insurance or prefer to pay out of pocket, we accept cash payments as well. So now, the burning question:

Do you take my insurance?

Yes, we accept Blue Shield of California and Medicare. We also accept Workers’ Comp, Auto Claims, HSA, FSA, and cash-based payments.

My insurance provider isn’t listed there. Can I still receive treatment at Therapydia?

Absolutely! If your insurance provider is out-of-network, that only means that we don’t have a specific, pre-negotiated contract with them. Fortunately, most insurance companies offer out-of-network benefits which very often cover a significant portion of your treatment costs, although the percentage may differ compared to a provider that is in-network. We know that maneuvering through your physical therapy benefits can be confusing, but we’re here to help (seriously, we do this all day). We’re happy to call your insurance company on your behalf to help you figure it out. We’ll also help you submit a claim form to your insurance in order to receive reimbursement.

Why is Therapydia an out-of-network provider?

By choosing to work with us, you’ll receive one-on-one treatments with a physical therapist for the entire duration of your treatment. We are proud to offer a high level of care customized to your goals and needs because we know that quality care delivered in a thoughtful manner will help you get better, faster. While other in-network clinics may utilize a “shared treatment” approach—seeing multiple patients at once, passing off patients to aides or assistants, etc.—Therapydia embodies a different philosophy of care. We believe that individual attention with a physical therapist is the fastest route to an efficient recovery.

Am I responsible for a copay at the time of visit?

Coverage under each plan varies significantly but we can contact your insurance provider prior to your first visit to see what your benefits include. It’s possible that you’ll be responsible for a copay—a set amount each visit that you pay in addition to what your insurance pays—or a coinsurance amount. Either way, we’ll let you know.

What is coinsurance?

Depending on your coverage (not applicable to everyone), coinsurance is your share of the costs of a health care service, not due at the time of service but billed later. It’s a percentage that kicks in after you’ve reached your plan’s deductible. Ex: Your insurance might pay 80% and you would be responsible for 20%.

What is a deductible?

An insurance deductible is the amount of money that your insurance provider sets that you have to meet or exceed before it will start covering your services. For example: If your deductible is $500, you have to spend $500 of your own dollars before they cover any of your expenses. Until you meet that deductible, you’re responsible for the full price of your visit.

If you have any insurance questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call to ask! As mentioned above, we’re happy to help you understand your coverage before you begin treatment so that there are no surprises. We don’t want you to worry about anything besides beginning your path to lifetime wellness!


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    Kristie Manning

    September 14, 2022
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